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With all you deal with daily, these filings can easily slip through the cracks. Let us be your backup to remind you when they are due.


We will:

  • Email you the first of the year your State's Annual Report or Registration is due for your LLC or Nonprofit

  • Email you the first of the year your nonprofit's IRS 990 is due by May 15

  • Remind you again in a couple months in case you forgot or didn't get the first email

LLCs & Nonprofits

If you have an LLC or a nonprofit, your state may require you to file an Annual Report or Registration each year.  If you don't file by their deadlline, you may incur a late fee or possible dissolution, which means the state could shut your LLC or nonprofit down. If this happens, you may be unaware and operating your business illegally. To get it reinstated may cost you more than the original fee that was due.

Nonprofits Only

If you have a nonprofit, most likely you have to file some form of 990 with the IRS each year for the previous year.  Ths is especially true if you have received a 501C3 Determination Letter stating you have to file.  If you fail to do so for three years in a row, you will automatically lose your 501C3 tax-exempt status and will have to start a new application, including same filing fee, to get it reinstated. It is recommended that you file even if the nonprofit had little to no activity for the previous year.  NOTE: Certain nonprofits are not required to file, such as churches, but still have to file a state annual report or registration.


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