"It is a pleasure to recommend the services of Jen Williams International.


I have been utilizing her coaching and consultations in small business administration for over fourteen years.  Mrs. Williams has the heart of a servant leader.


I have always held her in high esteem for giving out information in jump-starting my endeavors when it comes to administration.

Mrs. Williams truly has excelled in giving out beyond measure, over the years,  when it comes to listening to the visions and goals of a visionary like me. 


I'm very satisfied with her timely performance in sharing knowledge and time."

KBOM-SOTC, Georgia

"My experience with Jennipher Williams tutorial class was far easier than I thought it would be.


I have very little computer knowledge and yet she made me feel like a pro. I will definitely sign up for future classes!"


Stephen C. Fulton

"You're the           !"  Chris Huffman

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