* Is your organization a church?


* Has your organization ended or gone out of business?

* Did your organization make more than $50,000 last year?

If you answered NO to ALL 3 questions, order below and we will contact you for additional info to file a 990 with the IRS for the current year.  We'll also provide a copy of the filing for your records.  

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What is a "990?"

A 990 is an Information Return filed by nonprofit organizations to annually report its activities and finances to the Internal Revenue Service.

Due Date

990s are due every year by the 15th day of the 5th month after the close of your tax year.  (You cannot file it until after your tax year ends.)  Example: If your tax year ends on December 31, the 990 is due by May 15 of the following year. (If May 15 falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the 990 is due the next business day.) 

If your 990 is late, the IRS will send a reminder notice to your last known address.  While there is no penalty or late fee for filing 990s late, you will automatically lose your tax-exempt status if you fail to file for three years in a row on May 15 of the third consecutively-missed year.

Does my nonprofit have to file?


Most small tax-exempt organizations that have not gone out of business or received more than $50,000 the previous year (even if no activity) must file a short version of IRS Form 990-N called an e-Postcard. (Exceptions are churches, organizations that are included in a group return and organizations required to file a different return.)

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