501C3 Applications

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Are you forming a new nonprofit and need everything done right the FIRST TIME in ONE convenient location?  You've come to the right place!  We file all the paperwork with the appropriate State and Federal agencies to form your church, ministry or charity and obtain federal 501C3 tax-exempt status for your nonprofit.

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Our nonprofit startup package INCLUDES EVERYTHING to get started:


  • Nonprofit incorporation in the State of your choice

  • Includes your state's incorporation filing fee

  • New federal employer identification number (aka EIN or Tax ID)

  • Comprehensive Bylaws with your official Mission Statement

  • Preparation and filing of Form 1023 (501C3 application)

  • Includes 501C3 $275 filing fee*

  • IRS Representation during 501C3 application process

  • Courtesy copies of all document filings for your records

  • Correspondence explaining our work done for you

* Does not apply to mail-in applications that require $600 IRS filing fee

501C3 Application only

For nonprofits already incorporated that only need a 501C3 application filed, we will review your corporate documents to ensure compliance with IRS regulations for 501C3 consideration, then file the application with your filing fee.  We will also provide a copy of the filing for your records.  

501C3 Reinstatements

Thousands of 501C3 tax-exemptions have been revoked by the IRS due to nonprofit organizations failing to file their 990s (Information Returns) for three consecutive years.


Has your 501C3 been revoked? We can help you get it reinstated!

Whichever service you choose, we'll need some information to get started.

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