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Referral Program Details & Terms


Jen Williams International (hereinafter "JWI") created this Referral Program to reward friends, family and our loyal customers, (hereinafter “you” or “Referrer,”) for doing what you already do – recommending us to potential clients (hereinafter "Referral”). 

Referral Program Terms

1.  Referrers and Referrals must be at least 18 years of age and residents of the United States.


2.  Referrers are responsible for reporting and paying any associated tax liability.


3.  JWI reserves the right to cancel or suspend the Referral Program should it determine that the administration, security, or fairness of the Referral Program has been compromised in any way.


Referral Fees and Payouts


1. JWI shall invoice Referrals and pay respective Referrers 10% within 10 business days for any payment Referrals make on their invoice until paid in full.

  • Example 1: If Nonprofit Startup Package is $895; Referrer gets 10% ($89.50)

  • Example 2:  If LLC Package is $550; Referrer gets 10% ($55.00)


2. Referrer must choose either Cash App, Venmo, PayPal or Zelle to receive Referral fee payout, including the User Name, or a mailing address if a check is preferred. 


3.  Referrer shall provide JWI with accurate and updated contact info in case there is a question.

4.  JWI reserves the right to update its services and their respective costs any time without notice.


Agreement and Disclaimer


All JWI services to client Referrals are paid in advance before work begins. Occasionally, we set up an easy payment plan for them so they can get started.  However, we have no control over Referrals making timely payments and we are not a bill collector.  However whenever we get paid, you get paid.  


By participating, you acknowledge and agree to these Referral Program Details & Terms and our Privacy Policy

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